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This process includes individual counseling sessions with experienced consultants to address issues such as anxiety, homesickness, culture shock, and adjustment problems.

Student Screening

This process can include various steps such as interviews, assessments, and background checks to ensure that the student has the necessary skills, aptitude and background to succeed in the program.

Universities/Colleges Application Guidance

This process includes personalized guidance on selecting suitable universities based on the student's academic background, career goals, and financial situation.

Scholarship Guidance

This process includes researching and identifying scholarship opportunities that match the student's academic background, financial situation, and other relevant criteria.

Offer Letter Confirmation

This process includes a thorough review of the offer letter to ensure that all the details, such as the program of study, start date, tuition fees, and other conditions, are accurate and transparent.

Documentation Assist

The process ensures that students submit complete and accurate applications and helps them navigate through the complicated documentation process. By availing of this service, students can save time and avoid any potential issues.

Visa Interview Preparation

The process includes personalized interview practice sessions with experienced consultants to simulate real-life interviews and provide constructive feedback to improve the student's communication skills, body language, and confidence.

Visa Lodgment

The process includes communicating with the embassy on behalf of the student to track the visa application status and address any concerns or questions related to the visa application.